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Modern Medicine Mother
Unleash Your Own Inner Medicine Woman 
& Support Your Child the Natural Way!
If you have an interest in supporting your child’s physical and emotional health the natural way Or simply want to learn some new skills to support your own health, you will love this course
  •  Are you fed up of feeling helpless and defeated when your child is unwell?
  •  Are you completely over the ongoing cycle of poor health and sick days?
  •  Do you dread the colder months because you know it will mean more coughs and colds?
Then This Course is for You!
At a Special Price of
$197 USD
Get this Course Now!
The best feeling in the world for me is knowing how to take a proactive approach to my child’s health without needing
 to resort to toxic medications 
  •  If your child could last a whole term at school without any sick days
  •  If a cold lasted only a day or two without the lingering cough that goes on for weeks
  •  If you knew exactly how to support your other family member’s health to prevent them from coming down with the same illness
When I started sharing some of the simple tips that are in this course with mothers who were struggling with their child’s health they experienced several things.

Firstly, they discovered that natural health solutions needn’t cost a lot of money and some remedies could even be grown and prepared in their own home.

Secondly, that the basic principles of supporting their child’s health were very easy to learn and apply. 

Thirdly, that their child’s health noticeably improved within a matter of weeks when they put into practice simple techniques and remedies that I will share with you too.
Hi, I'm Carrie Antoniou
I'm a Sacred Children's Healer
I support sensitive children through a unique blend of energy healing and deep soul work, tuning into a child's energy field and detecting the main areas of imbalance that are preventing them from feeling safe and at peace in the world. I can address a wide range of issues that are often a direct result of the child's sensitivities.
These may include food intolerances & allergies, erratic behaviour, anger problems, anxiety & depression and sleep issues. My work is safe and non invasive and gets to the heart of the problem rather than just addressing the symptoms. I believe that the natural world provides all the solutions to the issues our children face. From plant medicine to crystal healing, and simply being in nature – there is healing to be found in connecting fully to life.
    Carrie xo
What You Get In This Course
The course has been broken down into 8 easy-to-follow modules
Each teaching a different natural approach to your child's health

Muscle Testing 

Learn how to gain access to answers directly from your body with this life-changing skill. Find out the easiest tried and tested methods to use for yourself and your child and also the common pitfalls to watch out for when you first start practising. When you discover that you can find out exactly what your child needs to support them using a very simple test you will be left wondering how on earth you didn’t know about this before!! This is something that every parent should know about and I am passionate about sharing this skill with other mothers.  


Learn the different uses of essential oils to support your child’s emotional and physical health. Not only can we create physiological change through use of essential oils, but we can also support the energetic body, or ‘aura’ in releasing negative energies that are no longer serving us or our children. Knowing how to use essential oils to tap into the wisdom of the plant kingdom is something that will have you captivated and keen to learn more about.


Find out the benefits of using safe and effective homeopathic remedies for many common childhood ailments. Homeopathic medicine works quickly and causes no further harm to a child’s body that is already struggling. Through the methods I teach you will know exactly which remedy to choose and also how you can find out the correct dilution for your child.

Tissue Salts 

Understand how the biochemical deficiencies in your child’s body could be contributing to poor immune function and even behavioural problems. When we address our child’s health issue at the cellular level we are going to the source of the problem and correcting imbalances in the crucial areas necessary to bring out complete healing for a child.

Herbal Medicine 

Gain a deeper understanding of how versatile and effective freshly prepared and dried herbs can be when it comes to supporting your child’s health. There is a herbal remedy for every childhood ailment and by gaining a deeper understanding of how to use herbs effectively now you will save not only money in expensive pre-made health store remedies but also time, by reducing the amount of sick days off you and your child will have.

Flower Essences 

Learn how your child’s emotional wellbeing can benefit from the unique benefits of flower essences. Whilst there are many common remedies for supporting your child’s physical wellbeing, there is little support out there when it comes to addressing emotional issues that arise. Flower essences are a wonderful tool for every parent to use in the different stages of their child’s development. Learn how to use the vibrational healing power of flower essences to promote beneficial virtues such as patience, calmness and courage within your child.


These little gifts from the earth have been used throughout history for their powerful energies and now you can find out how crystals can help support your child’s body. They are a wonderful, non-invasive tool to use that will help your child through a form of vibrational energy healing. There are hundreds of different crystals to choose from, each with their own specific benefits. Learn all about their key uses as well as precautions you need to be aware of when using crystals.

A-Z Symptom Searcher 

Find out answers to all of your child’s ailments using this symptom searcher. It includes additional information on parasites and how to effectively eliminate them from your child’s body. In this section you will also find out the emotional symbolism to the different physical ailments, which will help you to understand your child’s health challenges from a more holistic perspective, enabling you to fully address the physical and emotional cause of their illness.
What else is included?
 Beautifully designed and illustrated digital course material that can be printed out to form ‘The Healthy Child Compendium’ – an invaluable family reference tool that you will be able to use time and time again for all of your child’s health needs.

 Videos summarizing each module.

 Notes sections for each module – keep a record of all the remedies that you can start using straight away to support your child’s health.

 Remedy tables – containing hundreds of natural remedies that you will learn to narrow down in seconds to find the exact remedy your child needs!    

 Complimentary 30-minute Q&A Skype Call with me at the end of the course to answer any questions you might have.   

 The course is intended to be completed over 8 weeks, but if you need more time then that is absolutely fine - you can take the course in your own time.   
*** BONUS ***
As a special bonus you will also receive a teaching guide on creating your own home apothecary!
Create Your Own Home Apothecary
Learn how to work with fresh and dried herbs to create your own medicines that can be used safely and effectively with children of all ages. Learn how to make your own flower essences to support your child’s emotional wellbeing and find out all the additional tools and natural products you need to create your own remedies and elixirs.
As mothers we all want what is best for our children which is why we feel a sense of worry, failure and frustration when our children catch every bug going around.
What is your peace of mind worth to you?
Mothers Experiences with Carrie's Sacred Healing
"Carrie was more than beneficial with her suggestions on natural health for both my son and I. It was suggested by her that we try flower essences, herbal remedies and essential oils in our attempt to help with an ongoing health issue we both had. All of these suggestions were extremely beneficial in helping to eradicate the physical health problem and to assist us with our emotional well being during the sessions she provided.  Carrie is extraordinarily gifted at what she does and I trust her intuitive suggestions completely.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank her for all the help she has provided to our family. We are all so much happier for having found her." 

- Love, C & F Kelly. Brisbane, Australia
“I want to express my immense gratitude to you and the amazing work you do. I would like to share the healing work you've done for my little girl (6 years old) that had developed a nasty and ugly rash in few parts of her body. Although we used few different natural remedies to sooth her huge discomfort, I knew we had to tackle the cause and not focus on the symptoms, and that was when I contacted you Carrie. She had the first healing session where that was a lot of emotional release from her own perceptions of the world and release of emotional baggage absorbed from outside influences. A few days after her first session, her skin started to clear and the acute itchiness starts to reduce. On the second healing session, you addressed the intolerance to wheat through energetic clearing work. A few days after her second session, all the symptoms disappeared just like ‘magic’! It has been 6 weeks since then and I am confident that these allergies and intolerances won’t come back. We healed the cause!! Your work is a true gift to children and to the world!”

- F Bullara, Brisbane, Australia  
"Carrie has been truly lovely to work with. She was so kind and patient as I shared our story of false hopes and endless disappointments - never getting the help we actually needed - and later when I needed help understanding some of the results. My child had been struggling more and more each year. I was certain there were underlying food intolerances and knew more could be done than we had previously been offered elsewhere. But working with Carrie has been different. The approach is completely different which was refreshing to everyone in the family. There are no appointments for my child to sit through making him feel like a specimen. The reports were thought-provoking, in a much-needed outside-the-box way. And even in just a few short weeks, the progress he has made with communication and self-expression, experiencing joy and playfulness, the number of smiles I see each day, the forgiveness and understanding he has toward himself, and more are worth every penny. Thank you so much Carrie!" 

- B. Bunchman, Colorado, US 
The Modern Medicine Mother
A Comprehensive Natural Healing Course
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$197 USD
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